I shot a number of events in 2015 but simply haven't taken the time required to keep this site up to date. I've recently removed all past galleries and have just begun adding content once again. this site will be "under construction" as I re-build and freshen it up for 2016.

I have requests for photos and will make those event's a priority as I add content.

As always, you may contact me through the contact page on this web site or e-mail me directly at stryderphoto@gmail.com.


Thank You For Your Patience  

Scott E. Shanklin



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Scott Shanklin

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I'm a freelance photographer who primarily photographs circle boat, drag boat and water ski racing but enjoys shooting anything in, on or near water.

I'm grateful for my family, friends and others who support me, provide opportunities and are part of the sheninigans.

I hope you enjoy my work.


Scott E. Shanklin

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